Since 2012 I have traveled to Muddy Creek Whitetails at least once a year. There are numerous reasons why but one that sticks out more than anything else is the fellowship. Andy & Katie as well as the rest of the gang are the friendliest folks you will meet. Katie will not let you go hungry and the food is always delicious. Andy has continued to put our group on the biggest whitetails we have ever seen. Thank you both for your constant hospitality and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

We got on a lot of turkeys in two days at Andy’s. I had two boys that could not shoot, but had a great time. Plenty of birds at Muddy Creek, I would tell anyone that is looking for a great hunt to come hunt with Andy.

-Tony Berry

Trevor Jones said Great food, lots of birds and plenty of land to hunt. We got on birds every time we went hunting. They have a great place to stay with excellent guides. Best place to go hunt eastern turkeys.

-Trevor Jones

Best turkey hunting I have ever seen, lots of birds, good guides and great place to stay. We got on birds every time we went out hunting. This is a great place to come hunt some eastern turkeys.

-Ryan Rodgers