Rates / Dates

A 1000$ non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking. We accept checks, credit cards, money orders or certified checks. The balance is due upon arrival for your hunt. We do not accept personal checks to pay for the remaining balance. Cash, money order, or certified check only please.

Preserve Whitetail Deer And ELK Hunts

In 2009, Muddy Creek openned the preserve for whitetail deer and elk hunters with intense management, proper food plots, mineral pits, and world class genetics we have been able to produce and harvest several whitetails over 200″. Here is your opportunity at a 200″ Kansas whitetail and the hunt of a lifetime.

All it takes to book a hunt is a $1000 non-refundable deposit. That covers 3 days of hunting, 4 nights lodging, meal, guides, transportation to preserve, skinning, quartering and caping your trophy. If no animal is harvested you will only own an additional $1000 for your 3 day, 4 night stay.

Harvest Pricecs


  • Fallow Deer – $2,500
  • Up to 150″ – $3,250
  • Up to 159″ – $4,250
  • Up to 169″ – $5,250
  • Up to 179″ – $6,250
  • Up to 189″ – $7,500
  • Up to 199″ – $9,000
  • Up to 220″ – $11,000


  • Up to 350″ – $6,000

Ram Hunt

  • $800

Turkey Hunts

You will be hunting eastern turkeys in some of Northeast Kansas’ highest turkey populations. In our spring season you are allowed to harvest two toms. We run a 95% sucess rate on 2 toms in 2 days.

All it takes to book turkey hunt is a $100 non-refundable depsit. That covers 2 days of hunting. 3 nights lodging and meals. All hunts are guided.

Turkey Packages

  • Package #1 – 2 Day Guided Hunt – 1 hunter per guide – Meals and 3 nights lodging – $1,100 per person
  • Package #2 – 2 Day Guided Hunt – 2 hunters in group – 1 guide per group – $1,000 per person

Combo Hunts

  • 3 days hunting – 4 night lodging – Meals – Guide dogs – -Licenses – 10 Pheasant – 20 Quail – Trophy fee for whitetail deer up to 170″ – $5500 per hunter (4 hunters required for hunt)
  • Corporate packages available.

No matter if it’s the velvet buck you have always dreamed of or the chance to harvest the biggest whitetail you have ever seen muddy creek would welcome the opportunity to fulfill your dreams. You may arrive as a stranger but will go home as a friend. Call and give us a chance to take you on the hunt of a lifetime. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust, and give you the best service in the industry.